Stabling at Stald Stenværet

Our priority is the horses
welfare, health and happiness.



6 boxes 3X3m overlooking the forest through their windows.
Price per month: kr. 4000,-

7 boxes 4x4m overlooking the riding arena and forest through the windows.
Price per month: kr. 4500,-

2 boxes 5X5m with own large field.
Price per month: kr. 5200,-

Our priority is the horse's welfare, health and happiness.

The horses are taken in and out from the field 5 to 6 days a week.
The boxes are done (Udmugning) once a day 5 to 6 days a week.
The horses are fed 3 times a day premium food and hay. We replace the evening feeding with mash 2-3 times a week.

Different horses have different feeding needs. This is why we offer different foods according to age and activity.
The bedding of the boxes is wood pellets which makes the boxes dust free and very soft and cosy for the horse.
The horses have constantly access to fresh air as all the boxes have the windows open 365 days a year.
Faeces analisis is taken two times a year.

Extra Services

  • Selvpas+Udmugning søndage
  • Udmugning 2x dagligt (morgen og aften)
  • Solarium 5 min
  • Klokker af-på
  • Gamacher af-på
  • Dækken af eller på
  • Skylning af ben
  • Tørring af ben
  • Klipning af hest
  • Klipning af hest uden ben og hoved
  • Showgrooming(rosenknopper, shampoo bad etc.)
  • Longering af hest 30 min.
  • Feriepakke (grooming, gåture ~15-20 min)
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